Non Traditional Wedding Vows

non traditional wedding vows

What You Need to Know about Non Traditional Wedding Vows.

If you’re planning to tie the knot, you may be curious about non traditional wedding vows. These types of vows are more modern than typical wedding vows. They are designed to offer couples more versatility (due to their very high degree of personalization). There are many different types of non traditional wedding vows. However, most have a secular (non-religious) focus. This means that they aren’t “church vows”.

Couples who wish to use non traditional wedding vows will have many options to choose from. In fact, the only limitation will be your own – and your partner’s – imagination! Here are some tips on creating non traditional wedding vows that are perfect expressions of everlasting love.

Share your inner most feelings. Your wedding day should be a day of positive, inspiring emotion. Why not set the tone by writing down your inner most thoughts about your bride or groom-to-be? Three or four paragraphs will be usually be long enough to work well. One hundred words (a typical paragraph) usually equates to about one minute of speaking. Your personal wedding vows may be as short as you like. You don’t need to write more than you are happy with.

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Think about what you want to offer your partner during the marriage. And how much he or she has meant to you up until now. Then, share your thoughts in the most romantic way possible. Some couples add humor and other light hearted elements to create funny wedding vows. While others keep the tone more serious. Being yourself is important. So do take some time to write drafts of your vows. Then encourage your partner to do the same. You may share your vows with your partner before the ceremony or save them as a surprise.

Add Poetic words. Borrow from the world’s most well known poets, in order to add beauty to your non traditional wedding vows. For example, a couplet from Shakespeare’s sonnets may work beautifully. Or a few lines from a romantic poet, such as Lord Byron or Emily Dickinson. Look for poems that really mean something to you. And then incorporate them into your non traditional wedding vows.

Add Song Lyrics. Some couples don’t really read poetry. However, they may have special songs that they love. These tunes express their feelings for one another. If you’re not into poetry, consider adding a few lines from a special song. These will add meaning to your wedding vows. From 80s power ballads to alt-rock anthems to Ella Fitzgerald. There are literally thousands of options. Let your choices reflect your personality and the tone of your relationship.

Now you know more about how to create wonderful and non traditional wedding vows. So you’ll be ready to make the most of your nuptials. By getting creative and wearing your heart on your sleeve, you’ll be ready to offer your partner so much pure emotion. If you’re unsure about whether or not your romantic wedding vows are appropriate, have a friend or family member read them over. Getting honest feedback will help you to feel more confident as you recite your vows. However, in the end, anything that comes from the heart will definitely hit the target.

Your Wedding Vows (whether non traditional wedding vows or not) Are A Blueprint For A Successful Marriage.

Non Traditional Wedding Vows

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When two people promise to live with each other, it usually starts with a proposal however, the promise is not enforced till both the people are legally and spiritually bound with each other in front of present witnesses. You may think that a wedding might be a breeze to go through – have rehearsals, dinners, friends and families enjoying their time but its so much more than that. Successful marriages are highly dependent on how they start off and the wedding vows are the first step towards the same.

Many people who are unfamiliar with the concept of a long term relationship; this is very common these days; they don’t actually know the meaning behind the purpose of presenting vows on the wedding day. Moreover, they also don’t know how important vows are unless they understand how they were first created and why people since that time have been dependent on their partners vows.

Meaning of Vows.

Vows literally mean solemnly promises. The purpose of vows is for individuals to make promises with each other at the time of their wedding. This not only places trust for each other but also tells a person how their partners feel.

History of Vows.

Vows were first documented in 1549 in the Book of Common Prayer. This was the first time that an authority; which was the Church of England in this case, made the groom and bride promise each other to love and cherish their partners. With little alterations, the words used in this book are used till date and have taken the standard form of vows in general as well.

Why are Vows considered to be Blueprints for Successful Marriages?

Vows are not only just promises, they reflect how a person feels when they about to marry someone they love. Vows are not just words, they actually mean something for the person who is presenting them. This is why when people have to prepare for their views, they usually practice for days to finalize what they want to say when they are standing in front of their partners at the Church.

Christian wedding vows are covenants. They are as important to a wedding as an oath is to a courtroom. A person has to solemnly swear to love and cherish his or her partner in front of God and all the witnesses present which is why vows are so important for everyone including the bride and groom at the wedding. Non traditional wedding vows may or may not be religious in nature but still carry the same importance.

A successful marriage is only carried out when in difficult times; a person is reminded of the time they had presented their vows at their wedding. Wedding vows may be one of the reasons why people may not indulge in outrageous fights with their partners after they are married. When it comes to loving your partner, upholding your traditional or non traditional wedding vows during a difficult time or misunderstanding is the most courageous thing to do. This is why these vows are given immense importance during weddings.

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